Libra Sign -Opal Ring

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Opal Ring is good for libra people. Opal is related to Planet Venus.


Stone Weight:

5.25 Ratti


VEGGA Jaipur


Panch Dhatu

Ring Weight:

3.5 to 5 Gms.

Ring Size:

Adjustable (Free Size)

Dispatch Time:

Within 2-3 Business Days

Benefits of Opal Ring:

  • People who are in the business of cosmetics should wear an Opal ring.
  • This gem is worn for fame and recognition in the segment of art and silver screen industry.
  • It is beneficial to wear this gem in order to get rid of eye related problems and diseases like diabetes.
  • It is helpful in bringing attractiveness and ignition in relationships.
  • By wearing this gem, the love between the couple’s increases and their consent counterpart.
  • Wearing an Opal Gemstone is highly beneficial to the problem of Kidney Stone.
  • This gemstone brings prosperity in life.

Who Can Wear This Ring:

Natives of Libra Sign can wear this ring.

Who are natives of Libra Sign:

If you are born between 21st September to 20th October or your name starts with रा, री, रू, रे, रो, ता, ती, तू, ते then you are a native of Libra sign.

Why buy from us:

This ring is energized by Acharya Raman and comes with the certificate or originality. 

Weight 100 kg


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