Lal Safed Gunja Mala

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This Red and White Gunja rosary is made for gaining wealth. The beads of the gunja have immense power to attract wealth and the combination of both white and red beads increases the effect.

Benefits of Red and white Gunja Mala:

  • To get rid of Loans wear this rosary.
  • The power of this rosary will surely improve your finances.
  • You will get a better job after wearing this rosary.

How to use this Mala:

After you get this mala, keep it in a safe place. Next day after your daily chores in your pooja room you should worship God and take this rosary in hand meditate about things you want in your life.

This you should do for seven minutes at-least.

Why buy from us:

This mala is chanted upon by the mantras of goddess lakshmi and then only it is sent to you.

After initiation of the mantra this mala becomes very powerful to give you financial benefits

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